I never intended to write about worlds permeated by medicine, healing and illness. But my personal experiences as a physician, patient, and family member were complicated and messy in ways that were unlike what I was reading. By writing stories, I could start to make sense of the emotional warts, the conflicted motivations, the unease that arises when I might behave in a way that isn’t me. It also gave me an alternative path into a healthcare ecosystem that often defies reason and produces more stress and anxiety than the disease itself.


Lately, my work has taken detours into the surreal. The stories appear cut from a different cloth, or rather, a different white coat. I wish I could make a grand artistic or “writerly” explanation for this. But I believe healthcare has become surreal on its own without any help from fiction writers. Read More

Selected Writing, Shortish

Brief works, of varying styles and stories. Some of my pieces exist on outside journals, websites, blogs, and the like.

Deeper Dives

Essays, publications and long-form explorations. A deeper dive into several realms of creativite writing and medicine.