Speaking the Unspeakable

Speaking the Unspeakable was published in Return to House of God: Medical Resident Education 1978-2008. The book marked the 30th anniversary of the publication of the seminal novel by Samuel Shem. It was edited by Martin Kohn and Carol Donley, pioneers, movers and shakers in medical humanities. This book was published by the wonderful Kent State University Press in 2008.

In Defense of Cheaper Stethoscopes

In Defense of Cheaper Stethoscopes appeared in the superb Health and Humanities Reader, edited by the esteemed health humanities leaders Tess Jones, Delese Wear and Lester Friedman and published by the terrific Rutgers University Press in 2014. Please buy this book. It was an honor to be included in a reader that’s chock full of luminaries who I respect so much.